Ananda Serné



4K video with sound
phosphorescent silkscreen print on cotton fabric

An opera singer is doing vocal exercises in the darkness of a former iron ore mine. The word opera is borrowed from Italian and means work, both in the sense of the labour done and as a result produced.

The glow-in-the-dark poem consists of found sentences from texts about miners who sang or made sounds to keep a consistent rhythm while working. 


Opera is part of the site-specific collaborative project Book of Sand / Singular Hands with artists Matt Bryans and Håvard Sagen and sociologist Merete Jonvik. Together we explored the dormant mythologies of three artist-run spaces in Rogaland, Norway. These places were situated in a post-mining landscape, a marketplace, and agricultural surroundings.



Directing, filming and editing: Ananda Serné
Soprano: Bodil Arnesen

Sound recording: Håvard Sagen & Ananda Serné
Sound mastering: Sveinbjörn Thorarensen 


Book of Sand / Singular Hands was supported by the Arts Council Norway, Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond, Stavanger Kommune and Rogaland Fylkeskommune.