1. Sleeptalking

    audio/textile installation 



    Sleeptalking brings together a recording of a vocalist rehearsing a lullaby and a set of textiles on wooden frames. The vocalist doesn’t fully remember the lyrics of the lullaby and stumbles on her words. By translating the lullaby into a song that should be practiced, the soothing qualities inherent in lullabies transform into something else. The colours of the textiles derived from cyanotype, indigo and a blue light-gathering pigment found in cyanobacteria.

    The cyanobacteria is the simplest organism currently known to have a day- and night rhythm.


    Wood: Matthew Coutts
    Vocals: Signe Irene Time
    Thanks to chronobiologist Shona Wood from UiT The Arctic University of Norway for telling me about the sleep-wake rhythm of tiny organisms.

    Supported by Fond for Lyd og Bilde and Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond.
    Documentation of the work at Stavanger Art Museum: Oddbjørn Erland Aarstad