A caterpillar is curled in a green ring

4K video, sound, 12:02 min. 



embroidered transcripts of insect sounds  
polyester, 150 x 100 cm. 


The repetition and rhythm of insects’ sounds can be perceived as machine-like. Shot in and around Taipei, the video A caterpillar is curled in a green ring unfolds in a series of visual and auditory impressions of insects in a man-made environment. It includes a choreography of insect names in Taiwanese sign language. 

These images are set to a soundtrack partly consisting of recordings made by an entomologist who collected insect sounds that without amplification would be inaudible to the human ear.

Directing, filming and editing: Ananda Serné

Actress/sign language teacher: Chen Li-Juan 
Sign language interpreter: Wei Ru-Jun
Audio mastering: Sveinbjörn Thorarensen

Many thanks to the team of Bamboo Curtain Studio for their help and to entomologist Liao Yi-Chang for his insect recordings. 

This project was possible thanks to the Mondriaan Fonds and Stichting Gerbrandy Cultuurfonds.