4-channel sound installation
glass, hand-dyed and painted textiles, aluminium
indigo, cyanotype, phycocyanin


In the installation slow-wave, different voices mimic the sound of water and pronounce water onomatopoeia such as: bloop, splish, splash, sprinkle, drip, drup, drizzle, dryss, drypp and spray. "Slow-wave sleep" is the deepest phase of non-rapid eye movement sleep. 
As in my earlier work Sleeptalking, the colours of the textiles derive from cyanotype, indigo and a blue light-harvesting pigment found in cyanobacteria. The cyanobacteria is the simplest organism currently known to have a day- and night rhythm.


Concept: Ananda Serné 
Composition: Liv Runesdatter
Voices: Stine Janvin, Liv Runesdatter and Signe Irene Time
Sound recording: Eirik Bekkeheien
Glass: S12 / Tim Belliveau



This exhibition was supported by the Arts Council Norway and Stavanger Kommune.
Documentation of the work at Bryne Kunstforening: Erik Sæter Jørgensen.